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Green Maintenance

In addition to types of green flooring, there are products that can be used in conjunction with flooring that may possess green qualities.  The most common are adhesives and cleaners.

There are further considerations than just the actual flooring that will be purchased. The installation method and products used should be taken into consideration as well as how the final product will be maintained.

Tips for Cleaners:

Maintaining your green living space:

Keep caulked areas caulked.  Every degree of temperature variance in a home can result in up to 10% addition to your heating and cooling expenses.

Check your doors. Energy can be lost through doors that are not spaced properly from the floor. If you are having flooring replaced or added, a professional installer can check your doors for proper install height.

Minimize use of space heaters. Spaces heaters are energy hogs and can generate more than 2 pounds of greenhouse gas per hour. These heaters don’t help your hardwood floors because the heaters increase the contraction of hardwood floors.

Purchase hardwood floors with the FSC Seal that are not clear cut or harvested in a sustainable fashion. There are only 4% of our own native, old growth forests still standing. The US is the worlds largest importer and consumer of timber woods and products.

Other Green Building Selections To Consider

Lighting and HVAC

Paint and Wallpaper


Cabinets and Countertops


Interior Windows


End of life