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The new regular hours will be the following:
Mon & Wed - 10:00 - 6:00 | Tues & Thurs - 10:00 - 4:00 | Fri & Sat - Closed
We will be closed on April 18th & May 23rd.

Green Tips

The extent that you participate in the growing green movement is a personal preference. There are so many different ways to contribute to saving the planet. The more savvy you can be about products/services you use, the better. Today is the day you can start by changing 5 things in your life, then adding more next week until you find yourself as green as you can be!

Weigh the issues and understand your role in the big picture

1. Avoid ozone-depleting chemicals in mechanical equipment and insulation.

2. Use durable products and materials.

3. Choose low-maintenance building materials.

4. Choose building materials with low embodied energy.

5. Buy locally produced building materials.

6. Use building products made from recycled materials.

7. Use salvaged building materials when possible.

8. Seek responsible wood supplies.

9. Avoid materials that will off gas pollutants.

10. Minimize use of pressure-treated lumber.

11. Minimize packaging waste.